Offshore is always demanding but never impossible.

For most it´s just a weather phenomenon. For us, it´s the Energiewende.

We see every project as a complete life cycle – from initial feasibility studies, planning, and plant construction – to cold and hot wind farm commissioning and final energy grid delivery. When desired, we also take care of the direct marketing of the generated energy, as well as the dismounting of the wind farms, once they have reached their full life cycle. A common term or marketing phrase here would be full-service provider. But that term has become somewhat stale and meaningless from our point of view. That’s why we prefer open and honest straight talk and tell you up front what you can expect.

Our Services

We take care of your project.

We see ourselves as a coordinator, catalyst, consultant, realizer and supervisor – as well as communicator, interface manager, troubleshooter, optimizer, and reliable anchor during the entire process. We look forward to discussing what roles your specific project needs and how to realize all desired goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our services
  • Feasibility studies
  • Profitability calculation / Interface management / Permitting process
  • Design basis
  • Logistics concepts
  • Tender preparation
  • Installation concepts
  • O&M concepts
  • IT/SCADA concepts
  • Technical specification / Package management / Project management
  • Documentation

From the planning phase – to start-up

We consider ourselves as a highly specialized and integrated competence center. With our extensive know-how, we’re able to take on the responsibility of fully realizing your project. And that within the framework of set goals, time tables, costs, and quality expectations. What’s more, our services have a high degree of scalability and are thus perfectly tailored to fit all your needs. In a nutshell: everything!

Our services
  • Optimization of existing concepts
  • Coordination of the internal
  • project team, all suppliers, engineer offices, and trades
  • Continual contact issuer reporting
  • Planning control
  • and adaption implementation (when necessary)
  • / Safety control on-site
  • Production supervision
  • Construction supervision
  • HSE support
  • Supplier audits
  • Documentation
  • Acceptance tests
  • Hot / Cold commissioning
  • Steel construction
  • Feasibility studies
  • Root cause analysis
  • Technical optimization
  • Risk assessments
  • Training programs
  • Solution engineering


It may sound simple, but in reality, it’s a very effective formula: our expert teams are there to continually guarantee that your off- shore substation is running as smoothly as possible. For the turbines, we either bring in a tried and tested subcontractor into our network, or coordinate with your chosen service provider, for example the manufacturers of the wind turbines. You decide which offer is best for you.

Our services
  • Operational control of the offshore wind farm via our central control room
  • Coordination of all service, repair and manufacturer teams
  • Permanent performance optimization on all technical and operative levels
  • Marine coordination
  • Offshore control center
  • Permit to work system
  • Remote switching operations
  • Grid management
  • 24/7 standby teams
  • Substation maintenance services / Performance management
  • Optimization
  • HSE management
  • Real-time and monthly reporting
Inhaltsbild Leistungen

Give us the green light, and we’ll take care of the rest.

What makes working with us different is that we not only take care of each little technical detail at every phase, but also have an expert eye for the picture as a whole. This not only means extensive expertise, but also the ability to take risks, a deep understanding of sustainability, and environmental compatibility. After all, at the end of the day it’s about installing technologically complex plants in inhospitable locations. What’s more, the plant has to generate energy for many years and under the hardest of conditions. Additionally, it must be economical and operate problem-free 24/7. We can’t offer you anything more than this, but also nothing less.